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About Us

How it got started

Qubit3 is crafted with passion to bring innovation in the age-old software development sector which is complicated and expensive.

A serial entrepreneur and a couple of techies while working together on a project identified the gaps between the business needs and the tech offered, that’s when Qbuit3 was conceived to connect businesses and tech with ease and efficiency.

Qubit3 is a new-age tech company that aspires to become a leader in providing cutting edge customized software solutions to the tech-hungry world and making it simple for heavy tech and nontech companies to interact and build custom solutions for their business needs.

We believe in simplicity, efficiency, and affordability.

Who We Are ?

Managing Various Services

Qubit3 crafts technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

How it Works?

It all starts when your company has a problem or concern and you are not sure how to fix it. Our team of experts from various domains and backgrounds will evaluate the problem and create realistic timelines to correct, build and deploy. It is as simple as it sounds.

Why Us?

Because we like to keep it simple, we carry over 30 years of combined experience in building custom software solutions for various global companies. We are young and with innovation at our core, we have delivered some awesome solutions to the most complicated problems.

Our services

We offer affordable digital solutions for any business



⇒ Tokenomics and Distribution Planning Blockchain Network - ETH, XRPL, BSC, Solana, Polygon

⇒ Art Concepts (2d | 3d |Animation) Art Variant Concepts

⇒ Asset generation Trademarks and Copyright

⇒ IPFS or Hosted Cloud Storage of Assets Smart Contract Development

⇒ Basic Mint with royalties Whitelist/Pre-sale

⇒ Mystery Reveal Randomization

⇒ Staking Metadata

⇒ * Audit Smart Contract and Publish



⇒ Wesite Design and Edits Minting Websites - JS or Laravel

⇒ Opensea and other Marketplace Integration Website UI for backend access

⇒ Wallet Integrations - Metamask- Walletconnect Test minting functionality

⇒ Client onboarding and Education Security

⇒ Hosting Ongoing Tech Support

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